• Image of IWD18-Charity skateboard

Hand painted found skateboard deck. painted using spraypaint and posca pens.

i am selling this item to raise money for Skateistan.org in celebration of international womens day and a significant portion of the sale will be donated directly to them once the item is sold. you can read about them here ( www.skateistan.org ) but to summarise:
"We believe that positive social change happens when children are educated on how to take care of themselves and their communities. Our programs are for children aged 5 to 17 with a focus on girls, children living with a disability, and children from low income backgrounds. The four core programs aim to keep children and youth involved at Skateistan for the long term. As participants get older, they become role models to the younger students and to the wider community."

i cant imagine anything better to teach girls in theocratic societies that mandate oppression how to be free than giving them a skateboard. skateboarding changed how i thought about the world, it made carparks into obstacle courses and told me to jump down sets of stairs and be unafraid of the landing.

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